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NUPA 5 in Idaho this weekend!

Hi all, This weekend (July 20-22), our club outing will be to NUPA 5 in Idaho. If you're going to be doing anything in the river, make sure you have the river usage permit AND the water use permit (that one's new this year).

I 'm not sure what the conditions are like up there, it might be a Daytona 500 race track (not likely), or it may be worse than Utah's pothole parade (also not likely). Be careful of trees that might be ready to topple, new river conditions from this year's run-off, and anything else that may pose harm.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, I will be unable to attend this weekend. I'm not sure who all is going up, if you plan on it, maybe respond here so that others can know who might be up there. And w/ gas prices what they are, maybe carpool or rent a plane or strategic airdrop from orbit or something.

Heavy pans, Dave

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