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PS - the Christmas gift exchange

I'm sorry, I forgot to mention - as in years past, we're planning on doing a gift exchange. Here's how it goes: Bring a wrapped gift valued around $20. This is a general guideline*. All gifts are put together on a table. As contributor's names are drawn from a hat, individuals can select either: -- any wrapped unpicked gift on the table, or -- any unwrapped gift someone else picked, but hasn't yet been traded three times. Once a gift has changed hands 3 times, it is permanently claimed and is out of selection. The Christmas Magic is in knowing what you could get, versus the mystery of what might be. Heavy pans, Dave *No one is going to be grumpy if you do more, and we're not asking for price tags to check for a minimum value. It's a gift exchange, not The Price is Right Showcase Showdown.

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The monthly NUPA meetings will be held tomorrow evening, March 27, at the Eagles club (975 E. Wall Ave. in Ogden). The Board meeting will be at 6:00 P.M. with the general meeting starting at 7:00 P.M.

March 2024 newsletter

Hi all, Here is the March newsletter. If you didn't receive it by email, let Brandon know so he can add you to the email list.


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