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2023 calendar of events

Hi all, B/c of the weather, we had to cancel our February meeting where we normally would've had a chat about the year's events. Last week the Board addressed this and approved the use of the same general template as last year. Some of the outings are off by a weekend or so, that may be b/c of scheduling changes around holidays or anticipation about water levels. The current listing is as follows:


Crescent Creek, April 28-30


Osceola, May 26-28


Millcreek/NUPA 3, June 23-25


NUPA 5, July 21-23


Kaymack Queen, August 18-20


Peekaboo, September 15-17

Scheduling outings can be a tricky affair, and there is no reasonable way to accommodate each club member's preferences. If there is a significant problem with a weekend, feel free to reach out to me. If 50 people all contact me, that helps inform the decision to alter a weekend. Barring the extraordinary, this will be our outing list. Our activity list isn't included here, that will be forthcoming in the April newsletter. Heavy pans, Dave

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